Explore Logo

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5 Responses to Explore Logo

  1. cmcdonagh says:

    Lovely use of colour and angles, well done.
    I particularly like that you used ‘WAIT’ too!

  2. kotla says:

    I like your use of colours. Also, i like the shape you created using this code.
    Next time, you could make a more complicated shape.

  3. biona says:

    Try using more creative shapes and i really like the fascinating colours! I also love the 3d look it makes it look great!

  4. marcm says:

    Great job Mark I really like how you used a range variety of colours. I also like how you used 3 shapes together to make it a bit more complicated. Next time you could use repeat to make the shape thicker so it would be easier to see the yellow.

  5. seko says:

    I loved the way that you have made your creation really 3D!
    I liked the way you have made your creation like a rainbow.
    Maybe try making some new 3D shapes or creations as I really loved this creation!

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