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8 Responses to Explore Logo

  1. cmcdonagh says:

    Great start, you typed the code accurately and used the repeat function too!
    Can you add colour and make it larger?

  2. celej says:

    I liked your repeat function because it looked really great and it looks like an animation. Next time try to change colour at different times.

  3. perej1 says:

    Great job at making a design I also love the way you let your creativity flow!

    Maybe next time use a change of colour to make it interesting and maybe repeat it a bit more so it doesn’t loose the design?

  4. czern says:

    Amazing work,i really like the shape and i like that you used the repeat function! Use colour to make it look better.

  5. ejios says:

    Oskar well done on your teknique, you also have used alot of detail well done next time pick up the pace

  6. augus says:

    I really like the pattern you used.
    Also i like how you have shaped yours into a different kind of star.
    Next time you can use more colour.

  7. adamk says:

    nice shape!Another thing I liked is the circle in the middle maybe next time add colour to it next time.

  8. strym says:

    I really like how you used lots of different shapes and how you made it your own. Also, use colour to make it better.

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